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J'Ouvert Morning

Manchester Caribbean Carnival - J'ouvert Morning Parade
J'ouvert Morning
J'ouvert (translated from French as ‘Break of day’), symbolizes the start of the official two days of Carnival. From 7am Saturday morning, revellers parade through the streets of South Central Manchester in the tradition of the Canboulay celebrations, in costumes made from old clothes. This is called ole (‘old’) mas, and presents witty and satirical themes of social commentary of ‘Jouvay’ as it is commonly known.

J'ouvert is celebrated in many countries throughout the Caribbean and globally, with the biggest celebrations happening in places with large Caribbean ex-pat communities and wherever there is an African Diaspora population. Bringing the J’ouvert celebrations and its traditions is a great way to share our culture with the world.

T-shirt packages can be purchased before hand or you can simply arrive in fancy dress, boiler suits, shower caps etc, but don’t forget to bring your energy and dancing feet. It can get messy so be warned!!
Manchester Caribbean Carnival - J'Ouvert Morning

Manchester Caribbean Carnival - Jouvert Morning Route

Manchester Caribbean Carnival - J'ouvert Morning Celebrations